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Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

The question of the present serious economic problems in a number of specific member states. What should the role of the EU be in bringing stability to the national economies of the member states and to what extent should member states support each other in times of economic/financial crisis?

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

The question of climate change: at the climate conference in Copenhagen Europe's ambitious plans lost against the more reserved position of countries such as the US and China.

How can the EU be more successful in getting its proposals implemented?

Committee on Culture and Education (II)

The question of the quality of education in the family context: to what extent can/should parents be held legally responsible for the (mis)behaviour of their children? Is this a field where contacts between member states and measures at the EU level could contribute?

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (II)

The question of the spreading of organized crime within the EU and the increasing international interlinking of criminal organizations: is much closer and more dynamic cooperation at EU level required to enable an effective approach?

Committee on Constitutional Affairs

The problem of increasing skepticism with regard to the EU: the Lisbon Treaty seems insufficient to quell existing negative perceptions of the EU. What can be done to bring Europe closer to its citizens?