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         the Netherlands


         Slovak Republic


         FYR of Macedonia




Committee on Foreign Affairs


The question of the role of the EU with regard to the new Arab "democracies": to what extent should/could the EU intervene with a view to influencing the social, economic and political processes in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya after the succession of new leaders?



Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs


The question of the euro-crisis: how should we evaluate both the history and the future of the Euro? Is the exit of individual countries from the monetary union a possibility that should be seriously considered, or should the Euro-countries stick together at all costs and continue to accept the risk of a weaker common currency resulting from the poorer financial performance of some of the group?



Committee on Culture and Education


The question of international standardisation of secondary education in the EU: how can international standardisation of the secondary educational system in Europe be achieved in order to allow nationals of the member states to function more effectively in the public domain and to participate fully as European citizens?



Committee on Legal Affairs


The question of the protection of intellectual property: many Europeans illegally download films, music and games. Because of these practices, artists and producers miss out on rightful income. Is illegal downloading an innocent activity, or should the EU act against it forcefully? In the latter case, what measures could be taken?



Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality


The question of gender balance in the work place: in several EU member states women earn less than men in the same positions. Furthermore, there are many fewer women than men in senior positions. How can true gender equality in the work place be achieved and what measures should be taken to have more women in executive and leading positions?