§         Bulgaria

§         Denmark

§         Finland

§         France

§         Germany

§         Ireland

§         Lithuania

§         Luxembourg

§         Malta

§         the Netherlands

§         Slovak Republic

§         Slovenia

§         Spain

§         FYR of Macedonia

§         Turkey




Committee on Foreign Affairs (II)

The question of the relations between the EU and Russia in the light of the Caucasus crisis and the decision by the United States to station missile interceptors and radar tracking stations in Poland and the Czech Republic as part of its missile shield


Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

The question of the high inflation within the EU: what economic policy should be pursued in order to avoid an economic recession and what relevance does the strength of the Euro have for such a policy


Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (I)

The question of the reduction of air pollutant emissions in the EU: how to realise the goal of a substantial reduction in emissions


Committee on Culture and Education

The question of the differences in national education systems: would EU regulation be conducive to achieving a higher quality of education in the member states. How to attain consistent levels of knowledge in all member states


Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (I)

The question of the Roma-immigrants in the member states of the EU: how to cope with the problems inherent in both settled and itinerant Roma communities