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Committee on Foreign Affairs

The question of the involvement of the EU in international conflicts. Should the EU play an important role in international conflicts only after the cessation of hostilities, as was the case in Kosovo, or should the EU also play a prominent role in situations whilst violence continues, as for example in Afghanistan, not leaving that task to individual member states or other international players? What, in this context, should be the relationship with the US?

Committee on Development

How can and should the EU assist less developed countries in solving problems caused by climate change and increasing water shortages?

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

The question of sources of energy: how can the EU reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources, notably in Russia? To what extent can nuclear energy and/or other alternative sources of energy provide a solution?

Committee on Culture and Education (I)

The question of children's health: should the EU play a role in protecting children from alcohol and drugs abuse, smoking and unhealthy eating habits? If so, how should EU regulation relate to national regulation in this field?

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (I)

The question of the substantial influx of asylum-seekers and economic refugees: how can the EU develop a uniform policy in this regard? To what extent should return to the country of origin be encouraged? Is there a role for the EU with regard to the integration of new arrivals in the community?